Cannot select stero mix

Hey guys,

I wanna rip some audio from a youtube video. I found a tutorial on how to do that. It explained I need to choose “Stero Mix” in audacity and thats it!

Problem, is I cannot select it, because it’s grayed out. Meaning NOTHING is selectable.

Here are my settings;

Select Stereo Mix in Windows.

Are you on Vista?


No Xp Pro

If you can’t change the input on Audacity’s main screen, then your drivers are to blame.

This page goes over how to make sure all your inputs are enabled in either XP or Vista, there’s also a grey box at the top explaining the difficulties with the Stereo Mix input:

If you can’t access Stereo Mix, then your drivers are to blame. You’ll either need to run a cable from Line Out → Line In, update your drivers, or buy new hardware.

I found out the problem. My webcam was plugged in so it was set to record. I unplugged it and now I can set audacity as “stereo mix”.

When I play the free legal video on youtube and set audacity to record, nothing happens. It’s just a flat line going across. Here are my settings;

You’re not the only person who’s had that problem getting audio from a Youtube video.

For some reason my girlfriend’s laptop cannot get audio from Flash programs like Youtube and Homestarrunner. I wonder if Flash is to blame.

Is there another way to grab audio then?

Are you saying that you can hear audio, but when you use Audacity set to record the Stereo Mix it doesn’t pick anything up?

That’s a new one for me. I’m baffled.