Cannot select recording device

Mac osX 10.14.5 Audacity 2.3.2
Just purchased the Dansrue Casette to MP3 converter. Device is plugged in and Audacity is installed. In the drop down list for selecting the recording device in Audacity there is no option for “USB Audio Device” or “USB PnP Audio Device”. (Under Audacity, Preferences, Devices, Recording, Device drop down list only has one item) I checked to see if the drivers were installed and they were.(Under About this Mac, System Report, Hardware, USB,USB 3.1 Bus, USB PnP Audio Device is there.) Please help.

Does the PnP Audio Device show up in System Preferences?

Make sure the device is plugged in and shows up in System Preferences, then start Audacity. Does it now show up in Audacity?

These cassette-to-MP3 devices are sold under several names. We have had numerous reports of problems getting them to work on Mac with Audacity. We have never been able to track down a way to get them to work reliably.

– Bill

Thank you for the reply. Yes USB PnP Audio Device does show up in System Preferences under USB 3.1 Bus. But not in Audacity. When I plug in to a USB 2.1 bus, it sometimes shows up in Audacity, but I cannot record. I get a -9997 error. I checked Audio Midi Setup and either USB PnP Audio Device does not show up at all or it flashes in and out. When I check Diagnostics, Audio Device Info, sometimes it shows up without listing any Supported Rates and sometimes not. It looks like I will have to return it.

That sounds like System Report, not System Preferences. But whatever.

It looks like I will have to return it.

Probably your best bet, given the flakey nature of the connection. And don’t buy anything that looks like it.

I don’t know what to suggest other than looking for a good used cassette deck and pairing it with an audio-to-USB device (such as the Behringer UCA-202 or similar).

– Bill

Thank you again. Yes it was System Report. I think I will try NAXA Electronics NPB-300 which will convert to mp3.