Cannot select only one track

This seems like a simple problem but I have been trying to solve it for two hours and have had no luck.

I have imported a music file and am trying to mix it with a voice track. I’m trying to use the “time shift” tool to do this. But I can never select one of the tracks to move it relative to the other – no matter what, it always selects both tracks and moves them as a unit. I have the same problem for any type of edit on one track without affecting the other. I have read the help manual and watch a couple of Youtube videos; still can’t solve it.

THANKS! :blush:

Do you actually have two tracks? Attached is one mono track and one stereo track. I will not be able to select one of the two sides of the stereo track (left or right) without splitting them apart. I can easily select the mono track (by clicking just above the MUTE button) and move it later or earlier than the stereo track.

Click on the picture to see the whole thing.

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 19.42.34.png

If you need to split the stereo track to make into separate tracks for left and right, use the Track Drop-Down Menu.

If both tracks are selected, Time Shift Tool moves both tracks. Click above Mute / Solo in the track you want to move, which will deselect the other track.


I’m still unable to figure it out. There must be someway to separate these tracks but I am stumped. I’ve uploaded a screenshot. When I try to select only the top track, by clicking above the mute button, it seems to select only that track… but when I use the Time Shift function to move the waveforms relative to each other, it just moves all the waveforms in all tracks together. :question:
Audacity screenshot.png

That’s odd…??

After you select the Time Shift Tool, are you clicking inside the blue waves for the track you want to move?


You see all of those little “clocks” in the background?
They indicate that the tracks are “synchronised” so that if you move one, they all move together so as to remain synchronised. That feature is called “Sync-Lock” and it is off by default.

Two ways to turn Sync-Lock on and off:

  1. Tracks menu > Sync-Lock Tracks
  2. Click the “Sync-Lock” button (it has a picture of a clock on it and is near the “zoom” (magnifying glass) buttons).

See here for more about Sync-Lock: