cannot see all tracks on Mixer Board

I have Windows XP Audacity 2.0.2

When I open the Mixer Board, all the tracks are not displayed. There is a grey area on the left part of the mixer board as if some of the sliders have been shifted over to the right but there is no way of getting to the last slider, even if I scroll over to the right. The last slider is cut off in the middle of it. Is there something I did to shift all of the sliders over?

I don’t seem to be able to reproduce that. Could you post a screen shot to show what you are seeing.

Is the problem repeatable?
Does the problem persist if you close the Mixer Board and reopen it?
Does the problem persist if you resize the Mixer Board?

Is it a very old computer? Is the graphics card being stressed?

Figured it out: when I left the Mixer Board window open and then moved tracks up or down relative to one another, it would screw up the Mixer Board window. When I closed the program and re-opened it, everything was fine. Bottom line: close the Mixer Board window before making any changes to the tracks so the changes will be displayed when you re-open the Mixer Board.

If you can give us steps from launch of Audacity 1, 2, 3… that makes the problem happen, and we can reproduce it, we can log it as a bug.

But simply moving tracks up or down then adding / removing tracks does not seem to create a problem for me on Windows 7.

If this happens again, does hovering in Mixer Board over where the tracks should be draw the tracks?