cannot save project or export it...

hello people,

I’m new in those types of forum, but I really need help and hope that you can help me.
I started to enregitre my voice inside audacity, I come to save it and it’ say that the files doesn’t exist!
In my head it’s normal that the files doesn’t existe I try to create it!
I don’t know if i do something wrong but I really need the wav files for my projects.

I hope that you can help me.


You can get errors like that if you try to use punctuation marks in your filename other than -dash- and underscore. Today is not 6/20/19. It’s 2019-06-20. No slashmarks.


well I don’t use points in my names files… I still get the error…

do I need to not put space bar in the tittle?

by exemple:
1 2 3

but thank you for sharing.


What is the full and exact message (without missing anything out or changing anything)?
Which exact version of Audacity are you using?
Which operating system are you using?

my version of audacity is 2.3.2 and I use it on windows 10.

the message say that I cannot save my files because the files doesn’t exist. when I try to export it, the same message is wroten.
it cannot find the files name, check the file name and try again.

I hope this can help.

Please quote exactly and in full what the message says. Without the full and exact message, it could be anything causing the problem.

well this is the message it cannot save because the file name doesn’t exist, check the files name and try again.

this is the only message I got when I try to save or export.

OK, let’s try another way: Please post a screenshot of the message.

I hope you understand french :confused:
I forgot to put it in English…

In the search box of the Windows Start menu, type: cmd
and select the “Command Prompt” app.

When the Command Prompt window opens, you should see a prompt:


Do you see that?

If you do, then type:

dir "C:\Users\Utilisateur\Desktop\son"

That will print a list of all files and folders in that location.
Post a screenshot of this.

What exactly did you press / click to get this message to appear? (please be precise).

I click enregistre (save)

It looks like you are trying to update (re-save) a project that no longer exists in the folder “C:\Users\Utilisateur\Desktop\son”.
(Perhaps you moved or deleted it?)

To save the project, select “File menu > Save Project > Save Project As…
Then browse to a suitable location, enter a new and unique name for the project, and save it.

Note that when you save the project, it will create a file and a folder. Both the file and folder are essential parts of the project and should not be manually changed in any way.

To create a normal audio file from the project, select “File menu > Export > Export as WAV” (for a high quality WAV file),
or “File menu > Export > some-other-format” for a different format.

doesn’t work…

You’re not really being much help are you.

I follow all the steps that you say… it still doesn’t working…
in this instruction, the bug is there, blocking me to save projects. when I save my voice there is no files and thats normal but looks like that
audacity want absolutly a file with my voice in it?
it’s weird no?