Cannot save audio as project only export

I’m guessing this is the new “improvement” for 3.2.5 or I’m just missing something. I used to be able to open a .wav or .mp3, work on it, save it as a project, and continue working on that project until I export the finished version. Now it says I can no longer save a media file as a project ever again and have to export it as a sound file. If Audicity crashes, since it cannot save audio files as projects, does that mean automatic recovery won’t work either and I lose everything since the last time I exported it? Please say this isn’t so. I don’t want to spend six months getting proficient with a new DAW as this one as I’m seeing it is no longer useable for the entire audiobook I recorded and now can’t finish without a huge headache.

What message are you seeing, exactly? Is it the first one on this manual page? If so, that’s just telling you that an Audacity project can’t be opened in a media player. You can certainly continue to save projects and export when you are done.

It’s the second one. Nevermind. I see now that all I had to do was close the warning and continue. I thought it was saying I cannot save the file as a project at all. Man, take a month off and I forget everything.

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