Cannot retrieve original audio file

I’m looking for assistance. We had testing and the files were saved incorrectly. The students did save project as to desktop. Now I have a separate .aup file and the recording has been broken up into 30-35 different .au files. I can’t recover the original recording. Is there a way to get these files back into the original recording? so far all the trouble shooting I’ve been through on this forum hasn’t worked. I would have them retake the test but it’s college AP test and retakes are not possible. Please help. Thanks.

This is what is supposed to happen (attached, scroll down).

The AUP file has instructions (it’s a text file) so Audacity knows how to create the show from the work inside the _DATA folder. The _DATA folder has all the AU files created during the recording. Not all the AU files are sound and they’re randomly named.

It is very difficult to construct the show unless you have everything in order.

If you have the AUP file and the _DATA folder, it should be possible to double-click the AUP file and the show should open in Audacity. The AUP file and the _DATA folder must be in the same location, folder, or directory.

We had testing and the files were saved incorrectly.

What happened?

If your goal is to create standard sound files, you should use File > Export while the show is open. Audacity will not Save a sound file.

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