Cannot reposition clip when zoomed out

Hi folks.

I’ve just upgraded to Audacity 3.1.3 (on Arch Linux) and I’m experiencing clip handles for the first time. I’ve run into trouble because I have a long project that includes small clips. I import a clip and its appears at the start of the project and want to drag it to close to the end of the project. If I zoom out sufficiently to be able to do this then it’s simply not possible to drag the clip - it always moves the clip’s boundary.

Here’s a rather poor video demonstrating the issue:

At that point the only option I have it to either zoom in far enough that I can reposition the clip, move it as far as I can, scroll across and move again until I get it where I want it (which for my project took quite a lot of scrolling), or muck around with aligning tracks to get it closer to the right place so that I can zoom in and move it the last bit in a single operation.

Am I missing something obvious here? It seems like it must be a fairly common thing to want to do but I couldn’t find anyone else reporting the problem, so maybe I am. If only one operation is going to be available when zoomed out then surely reposition clip would be the better one to have?


No. This is an issue the developers are aware of and have scheduled to address in Audacity 3.3. (Note: Audacity 3.2 is hoped to be released before then).


Oh, good. I’m glad it’s on the radar.

The ticket also show that zooming out far enough that the clip becomes a single pixel wide also allows it to be moved, which might work as a coping strategy in the meantime. I really don’t want to downgrade if I can avoid it.