Cannot Remove Vocal from a Song

I want to make an instrumental, im trying to do this, i got the song and acapella of the i invert the acapella, then mix and render both the voice keeps in it. So can you help me what i’m doing wrong?

I use Audacity 2.0.2 on Windows 7 x84.

i got the song and acapella of the same.

For that to work, the a cappella and the mixed song would have to come from the same multi-track recording, not recorded a week apart. The singer’s tongue and lips would have to be in exactly the same place in both songs – and each would have to go through exactly the same theatrical production, echo, and effects. Highly unlikely.

Did you try Effect > Vocal Removal on the mixed song and forget the a cappella song.


hmm well i synchronized and playing it sounds the same that without the acapella Note: i use headphones, and its very precise. and it’s not exactly a voice, its made from a computer (?). I tried Vocal Removal effect but remove less voices and a piece of the instrumental. Here is the project if you want look exactly happens (there i didnt applied any effect yet) i listened a bit of the instrumental from a video about audacity and was great !
Thanks for Answer.

“Very Precise” is not close enough for the cancellation to work. The vocal waveform has to match exactly.

This is a short section from around 23 seconds where there is only voice.
Even with the wavefoms synchronised perfectly and the amplitude adjusted to be precisely the same, you can see that the waveforms are not exactly the same.
They are sufficiently different that cancellation does not occur.

LOLWUT How shameful :blush: . I … well i dont have choice. At least i learned about this. Thanks for reply