Cannot remove clicks

My Friends: I have made some audio cassette-to-CD music recordings with Audacity. I found lots of “clicking” sounds interspersed throughout the recordings. I tried Audacity “Click and Pop” effect to remove these clicks, but no luck. I then tried Cool Edit Pro’s “Click and Pop” eliminator to remove them, but the clicks are still there. Please tell me how these clicks are produced and how I can be rid of them. Thank you. Windows XP Pro.


I have never had much joy with Audacity’s click removal function.

So what I do is to use the excellent new Repair effect on 1.3.x the Beta Audacity (It has proved stable enough for my needs of digitizing and cleaning LPs and tapes). This is hard manual work - but worth it for treasured recordings.

Repair is available from the Effects dropdown - it enables Audacity to replace a small selected section (up to a maximum of 128 sound samples) - the replacement waveform is interpolated from the surrounding waveforms.

You will need to find the click (often you can see these in the waveform as spikes, or you can switch to Spectrum view and the clicks/pops will be visible as a clear vertical line - or listen carefully while recording and write up a cue sheet noting the times of the clicks), zoom in, select the offending part - and the apply the Repair effect - then test the repair by listening to it.