Cannot record

I am new to Audacity. I am inputing to an iMAC via a ARTessories USB device. I can get audio in using Garage Band, record, monitor, etc. So I know I am configured correctly. I can select the input on Audacity for my Artessories but I cannot get wave forms, record, monitor, etc.

Anyone have any ideas?


If you are using Mojave, it’s probably this:

I’m having a similar problem, and the fix about Mojave security hasn’t helped for me.

Macbook Pro 13" running Mojave 10.14.3. Audacity v.2.3.1.

Recording using an XLR mic going through a Prism Sound Lyra 1 audio interface, connected to Mac by USB 3.0 to USB C cable. Configured in Audio/Midi setup to expect 44.1k Hz, same in Audacity project rate dropdown, recording mono.

Symptoms: Audacity recognises ‘lyra 1’ as input device, is hosting it with Core Audio, but there is no mic monitoring response in Audacity (top bar) and when press record the track extends as normal but there is no waveform and no input peaking in the meter. Input slider is frozen at ‘max’, can’t be moved.

What I have thought:

  1. That output must be the same as input, so changed output from built in speakers to Lyra 1, same as input. No change.
  2. That Core Audio needed updating. In ‘Preferences> Devices’, it says "Using PortAudio 19.5.0-devel, revision unknown’, and the last bit made me think the version might be outdated. Downloaded latest version from here ( but am ashamed to say I’ve no idea what to do with the resultant download! There is no evident place to install it in the Audacity Applications package, and I don’t understand the ReadMe. So this could still be it: how do I check Core Audio is updated?
  3. That it’s something to do with the software element of my interface: there’s Prism control app. That looks like it’s set up correctly (it works with Reaper, which I sometimes use instead of Audacity): sending 16 bit mono at 44.1k Hz; the Analogue input (XLR mic) outputs to ‘DAW’ (Audacity). The slider for input is not at zero (there is gain being applied to mic signal), and the bar chart indicators are peaking on the device as normal, so it doesn’t seem to be the mic.

Any thoughts? Help very gratefully received.

That is normal for USB devices. Standard USB devices do not provide a way to control the input gain. The input gain should be set on the device itself.

It’s unlikely to be a compatibility issue, but the Lyra is a “USB Audio Class 2” audio interface.

That is referring to a component (library) within Audacity itself. It’s not updatable other than by updating Audacity. The current version of Audacity is 2.3.1.

Most likely cause is what I posted previously in this topic. It’s probably this: No recording level