cannot record

Unable to record anything with audacity. So what good is it? Now I know why they call the program “Audacity”. They have the “Audacity” to release an unworkable program. There is nothing but blank grey in the mixer selection box. I have tried the sound effect manager in the control panel. There is no “wrench” icon as mentioned to enable multistreaming. My computer is about 2 years old with XP. I guess it is way too new for this old program. I see why it is free. :blush:

Yes, I’m sure that all the hundreds of thousands of people that use Audacity every day are all wrong. If you want some help, chill out a bit - I understand that it can be very frustrating when you are banging your head on the proverbial brick wall trying to get something to work, but this forum is all about trying to help people over these stumbling blocks.

So, deep breath, a nice cup of tea, and from the beginning:
You have Windows XP SP2/SP3 with which version of Audacity?
For Windows and Audacity 1.2.x post here:
For Windows and Audacity 1.3.x post here:

Try and give as much information as possible about your set-up - what sound card you have, what you are trying to record from, can you record in other programs (such as Windows Sound Recorder), any error messages. Too much information is better than not enough.

Also, you could check out the Audacity wiki (link at top of the page), for lots of support information.

I have tried wiki. They are wrong about the sound effect manager. There is no “wrench” icon as they suggest. I have been to many websites, I have gone thru the audacity help, all with no luck. Just a lot of wasted time. I guess you get what you pay for. I have a pentium 4 516, 2.93 GHz. I guess it will not work on my machine. Yes I am pissed off! I have wasted countless hours messing with this program. I think I will go to the store and buy something that works. Don’t waste your time with audacity. It looks like a very limited program anyway. I just hope that I have helped someone by getting them to avoid messing with this audacious program. (not to mention the spyware and adware you get when downloading it)

What is this “wrench” icon that you are talking about? Are you looking at a section that is specifically about “Realtek HD” sound cards? Is that the sound card that you have?

Since you have posted in the “Forum Issues” part of the forum, we have no idea which version of Audacity you are using. There are separate boards for Audacity 1.2.x and 1.3.x. As it says in the “READ ME” post at the top of this section of the forum “This forum is for questions and suggestions regarding the software used to run this Internet forum. It is not for help using Audacity, or for any other audio-related questions.”

Also you have not said what kind of sound card you have, does it work correctly with other software, for example can you record with Windows Sound Recorder? It is most likely that the problems that you are experiencing are due to set-up problems with your sound card rather than problems with Audacity. If your sound card is not set up correctly, then Audacity will not be able to use it.

Whatever program you use, you will need to configure your sound card correctly.

There is no spyware or adware in Audacity. Audacity should be downloaded from the official site.

It seems that you have decided that Audacity is not for you, and that’s fine - we are happy and willing to try and help you get started with it, but no one is going to twist your arm if you don’t want it.