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Let’s get the specs out of the way. I downloaded the Audacity executable file, version 2.0.5, on a Windows 8.1 machine.
I’ve been using Audacity for years to modify existing files, but now I’m trying to digitize my LPs and cassettes. I haven’t tried the turntable yet. I’ve got a Kenwood component two-deck cassette, with the RCA outs plugged into the microphone in jack on the computer. I can hear the tape through my computer’s speakers, so the signal is getting in to the machine. If I use the line-in jack, I cannot hear anything.
When I push the Record button, I get this error message: Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate.
I don’t know what the settings should be. I’ve checked within and without Audacity, but the tips either didn’t work, or referred to earlier versions of Audacity or Windows.
It seems like I just need to make one little change to get this to work, but I cannot figure out what’s not right.
Can you help?
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You will need to use the “Line-in”. The signal from a typical microphone is around 1000x smaller than a “line level” signal so the cassette deck will be far too big for the mic input.

First thing is to check if the Line input is enabled.
Plug into the line input, then open the Windows Sound Control Panel and look in the Recording tab, Ensure that the Line-in is enabled and that the recording level is turned up. There will usually be a meter with a green bar that should respond to the music when you play a tape. Is that happening? If it is, then open (or restart( Audacity.

Assuming that the above is working, set the Recording input in the device toolbar to the Line-in option.
Then try recording. Anything happening?

Also see this FAQ from the Audacity Manual:


I figured out how to reduce the incoming bit rate, which enabled recording. When I export that file to an MP3, though, it has to reduce bit rate even further, so I don’t know if improving the incoming signal will do me much good. I will try it, though, just to see what results I get.
Thanks for the response!

I guess you mean “sample rate” which is the project rate bottom left. 44100 Hz is best for the MME host which you have chosen.

If these are music cassettes you should not go below 192 kbps for the MP3 export bit rate if you want something that sounds almost indistinguishable from the original.

You should also not reduce the project rate below 44100 Hz or you will lose the high frequencies in the music.