Cannot record with Lifechat LX-3000 usb headset [SOLVED]

Using Windows 7, Audacity 2.0.5, installed from .exe.

Can’t get Audacity to recognise my headset in the Preferences: Devices dialog - it just doesn’t show up.

Audio can be detected with Skype and recorded as part of a movie with the nVidia Shadowplay utility.

I’m a new Windows 7 user (jussst moved from XP - it’s rather nice!) and while I’ve been able to get Windows to display the Stereo Mix option in the sound settings, I haven’t been able to jury-rig any means of having Audacity recognise the sound the device is clearly receiving.

Any ideas? I’m looking forward to doing some sound editing and some mini radio plays… =)

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The low-hanging-fruit answer is restart Audacity. Audacity checks for new devices when it starts. If you plug in the headset after Audacity starts it will remain invisible. Also Transport > Rescan.

From there it gets harder. Go into Windows Control Panels and see if the microphone is listed there and what it’s called. Windows itself has to be comfortable with the microphone before Audacity gets it.


Are you a wizard?

Had restarted multiple times before this test and had got nowhere. Now, suddenly, it works!

Many thanks kozikowski!


Are you a wizard?

Well, I have my LGS (little green screwdriver). You can’t go out and buy one. It has to be awarded to you.

Had restarted multiple times

It’s a pretty common problem. If you mix many different troubleshooting measures you can get a fog of changes that obscures the order of events. That or all you need is one ratty USB connection (or a USB hub) and the microphone can vanish just long enough for Audacity to “forget” about it and drop the data connection. So this could come back and that could be a reason.