Cannot Record - Windows Server 2012 R2


I cannot record anything when using Audacity V2 on Windows Server 2012 R2 this is over a terminal connection. It record’s but is all distorted. Have tried the same in Windows Sound recorded with similar affect.



Audacity doesn’t work reliably over a network. It doesn’t understand network negotiation and delays. It’s best to run it entirely on one computer.


If you’re using Ethernet you can try


I’ve tested this on a Windows 7 Laptop which is on the network and works fine, but i guess it doesn’t like the delay when recording sound through the Microphone plugged into the thin client?

It usually isn’t the delay. It’s that the delay changes. Packet switching is not a constant stream of data. It has fits and starts and that creates problems with any software that doesn’t understand them. You can get interface software that evens out the erratic arrivals, but that usually creates production delays.

“How come I get an echo when I listen to the recording live?”


Audacity Is installed Into A Shared Drive and a shortcut to it on the start menu of the Pupil Logins. If i install audacity on the two Local VM’s i have would that make a difference?

Audacity is designed to run on a local computer.
If the VMs are installed locally and use a local hard drive, then it may work, but running programs in VMs take a performance hit and may not run fast enough to record/playback smoothly without distortion.

VM’S are installed using Hyper-V which is installed locally on a Server 2012 R2 Server. Guessing there is nothing i can do then :frowning:

Did you try Dante Virtual Soundcard, Pro AV Networking Software from Audinate | AV's Leading Technology? I thought it might be a solution. Audacity supports WDM.


No because you have to pay for it :frowning:

What protocol are you using - RDP? Perhaps try a VNC* flavour? Try an internet search for ideas.