Cannot Record When "Software Playthrough" Is Off

I just got a Blue Yeti USB mic, and I’m trying to get this thing up and running, but I’m having some problems. I am running Windows 8 with Audacity 2.1.0 (.exe installer).

I have adjusted everything to account for recording latency, so no problem there. I am intending to monitor while recording through Windows, so I should have no monitoring latency either. However, when I uncheck “Software Playthrough” on Audacity so that I don’t get that distracting delay when I’m singing, something is horribly wrong. The cursor moves VERY slowly. and the track plays very slowly. The audio that it records is also VERY slow, and just sounds garbled and almost demonic…lol. What is going on?! It’s been a very long time since I’ve recorded, so it’s quite possible I’m missing a step or a setting. Please help!

Thank you in advance. :mrgreen:

Never mind! I fixed the problem a minute or two after posting this. Changing the audio host to Windows WASAPI took care of it. Everything works 100% like it should now!

It shouldn’t be necessary to use WASAPI for recording Blue Yeti - until Audacity 2.1.0 WASAPI was not available for recording from physical inputs.

What project rate are you using bottom left of Audacity? Blue’s native sample rate is 48000 Hz, so it is usually best to record at that rate and to have that rate set for the Blue in Windows Sound.



I hope you find it’s ok to resurrect this post because I have the exact same problem, but changing the input to WASAPI has made no difference.
Apologies if I was meant to have created a new post.

I’ve a Blue Yeti USB microphone plugged into a Windows 7 ~ 64-bit op system.

If I record with Software Playthrough ON - audacity records at the right speed, playback is great and I can (of course) hear what I’m saying through the headphones (with some irritating degree of lag).
I can turn the sound down on the headphones and ignore the fact it’s playing back, but would prefer to use the menu open and turn Software Playthrough OFF!

When I turn Software Playthrough OFF the recording speed seems to be at about a quarter of the speed it should be at. Bizarre!!

I’ve not made any changes to any settings that I can think of. I’m fairly sure it used to work ok in the past.

In Windows|Sound, the Blue Yeti USB mic is set to record at 16-bit 44100Hz (CD Quality).

In the Audacity Edit|Preferences: Quality it’s set to 44100Hz and I’ve tried all three settings for Sample Format (16-bit, 24-bit, 32-bit float) none of which make any difference.

I cannot understand why [Software Playthrough]=ON records at the correct speed and [Software Playthrough]=OFF is so slow. Trying to play back what was recorded when set to OFF just sounds like crackling noise.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you!!

I guess posting in the same topic is OK given the original poster dropped the topic two years ago. If he has was still discussing we we can’t cope with two people in one topic and would ask you to make a new topic.

What exactly are you trying to do? Yeti has hardware monitoring via headphones on the mic. This is better than Software Playthrough because hardware monitoring has no latency.

Turn Software Playthrough Audacity off in Audacity and monitor only in the mic.

And 48000 Hz is preferable as stated by Blue.