Cannot record using Audactity 2.0.0

I have Audacity 2.0.0 installed on a Toshiba C655D laptop with a Conexant CX20671 Smart HD sound card. I have the file format set to MME and the recording device set to the Conexant sound card. The program starts fine, but whenever I try to record from any source I can get no input – the trace simple flatlines and there is no recording if I try to playback. I cannot find anything wrong with the settings. Can you assist?

Could you start us off with what settings you have and which version of Windows.
You may find this page helpful:

The host setting is MME, the output setting is Speakers (Conexant CX20671 Smart HD). For the input setting I have attempted to use both Microphone (Conexant CX20671 Smart HD) and Microsoft Sound Mapper. Neither have worked. The input channels are set to 2 (Stereo). My operating system is 64-bit Windows 7.

Thanks for your help.

What are you trying to record? A microphone? A CD player?

Both from CD and Streaming media.

For CD you would probably be better to use a CD ripping program such as CDex to digitally extract the audio. This will be better quality and faster than recording with Audacity.

For recording sounds playing on your computer (such as streaming media) see these links: