Cannot record to Audacity from an Audio Technica USB turntable

I am using the latest version of Audacity: 3:4:2. I am on WIndows 11. Audacity I find is great for editing recordings made elsewhere but challenging to record with ever since I switched to Windows 11. I posted a question about recording on this forum less than a year ago. I was advised to disable audio enhancements, which I did. Things worked for a while. Now I am having more trouble. I am using an Audio Technica USB turntable: LP120XUSB. All audio enhancements are still disabled, but no sound still is coming through the line in Codec from the turntable.

It records at an audible for a split second perhaps, then no more sound. I totally don’t understand these problems because I successfully Audacity recorded a spoken word LP with this set up the other day. I am now trying to record music. Is that making a difference? Again audio enhancements are disabled.

I would so much appreciate help on this.

Try Listen To This Device.

That bypasses Audacity (and any other application).

But I’m at a loss because those symptoms sound like “enhancements”. Have you tried the spoken word record again? The enhancements seem to be getting better-and-better at blocking everything except spoken voice.

Hi. I don’t consider myself an expert by a long shot but am digitizing a lot of my LPs. Not sure if this helps but I’m using same turntable as you and using a laptop with Windows 11 - so should be same setup but using Audacity 3.3.3. I don’t think Audacity version should make a difference. So I assume you’ve got the USB cable connected and the Toolbar set up correctly (MME, Line(USB Audio Codec, 2 (Stereo) Recording, Speakers (High Def))? Sound Activated Recording option selected under Transport? I also plugged in a headset - that’s what I use to monitor and listen to audio. And your cables and connectors are reliable? And of course I wouldn’t know if you’ve turned on any other options. Perhaps there’s a ‘return to default’ setting to try also???
Good luck.

Thanks Doug for your speedy reply. I did a double check and found that not all enhancements were in fact disabled. Now they are. Makes no difference. I also found that TT switch wasn’t clicked into line position. Now it is. Very little difference. Recordings are still terrible. I can record music now. First 2 seconds fine, then it sounds just like an AM radio and low levels too. I can use the audacity → effects → amplify to correct low levels, but that does nothing for the “AM radio sound.” I tried two USB cords. I was a bit curious why you referred me to “Listen to this device.” That pertains to listening, not recording and is for more advanced users anyways. Not that I don’t understand, but I stay away from the run dialog box in fears I could mess up my computer. But more to the point, I don’t understand why “Listen to this Device” would be helpful. I would just be listening to a bad recording.

I am going to contact AT and also a TT repair person, don’t see any other choice, unless someone here has suggestions.

Thanks Rfrese for your speedy reply. I checked all settings and fine. I am not going to return to defaults b/c I am disabling all audio enhancements per Doug’s help. Not that that makes any difference. I tried with sound activation (which I have never before needed) and without it. Makes no difference. I still get AM radio-sounding recordings with low levels.

Yeah the recording soudning normal for 2 seconds is certainly consistent w/ audio enhancements. But to the best of my ability, I turned them all off

Because it removes Audacity from the setup. If the sound is messed-up before it gets to Audacity, that’s a clue that your problems aren’t related to Audacity. (I’m not really sure if “enhancements” affect that… I’ll have to do an experiment sometime…)

Similarly, if you can plug the analog connections into your stereo (or TV, or something) that can be a clue because the analog comes before the digital and if the analog is bad the digital will be bad. But I don’t really think you have an analog problem.

You could also try GoldWave which is “similar” to Audacity. It’s not free but there is a fully-functional free trial and that may also help to isolate the problem. Or if it works it could be a (non-free) solution.

Thanks again Doug. I forgot to tell you how many helpful suggestions you have. I was confused by your prior suggestion, so the clarification appreciated. Rather than do anything that requires the “run” dialog box, I connected the USB turntable to my beater computer w/ Windows 10. It runs an older version of Audacity too. Recording came out perfect. I hate using that beater-many probs, but it NEVER stops running. Shame I can’t use the latest tech like the updated Audacity and a speedy Windows 11 computer, but they just don’t make 'em like they used to I guess. I suspect that Windows updates somehow interfere with Audacity to the point of no repair . It all gets more complex as time goes on.

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