Cannot record Tidal flac files

I am new here, please help for windows 7

More information please.
Does this have anything to do with Audacity?

With Windows 7, you should be able to record whatever you are listening to by choosing WASAPI Loopback as your recording source.

See [u]Recording Computer Playback on Windows[/u].

But, it also depends on your drivers If your computer won’t do it, there are applications such as Total Recorder that come with their own virtual drivers, or if you have a desktop/tower computer with a regular soundcard you can record with a loopback cable that connects line-out to line-in (plus you need a Y-Adapter if you want to plug-in speakers at the same time).

Or, the TIDAL website may have some kind of copy protection. …There’s a reason most music streaming websites don’t allow you to directly-download the files.