cannot record or open a file [SOLVED]

When I record, after every 6 seconds, the line goes flat. Then when I stop, everything is gone, with just one long flat line. There is no sound or anything being recorded.
I open an existing file in MP3 or wav, it will input, but the whole thing is just a flat line, and no sound at all.
I tried everything I know and still cannot resolve it.
I even reinstall it a few times, including older versions. Nothing works.
Please help.

It sounds as if the Audacity temporary directory is set to start with “” which is not valid on Windows (or has some other invalid path).

Please follow the instructions here to see if this is the problem: .

If this was the problem, what path was given for the temporary directory in Preferences? Have you upgraded to Audacity 2.0.0 from an earlier 1.2 version, and did you set the Audacity temporary directory to start with “”?


It worked. Thanks a million.