Cannot record my guitar

I play my guitar thru my computer. I can hear my guitar, but evidently Audacity can’t. Ideas? (new user)

Are you using the microphone built-into your laptop, or what?

Make sure you’ve selected the correct Recording Device and turn OFF any Windows “enhancements”.

Plugged directly into my line in on my desktop computer.

My guitar is plugged into my desktop computer. I hear it fine thru the speakers but Audacity doesn’t hear it. Audacity plays an improted mp34 fine.

If you select line in it should work.

Or, it might be blocked by a Privacy Setting.

Where do I select that? I don’t see ‘line in’ under my recording devices

Privacy settings are fine. I don’t have a camera on my desktop

You must use a soundboard. Try something like Audient Evo 4

Why? If I play an mp3 on my computer Audacity won’t record it either. Everything works fine on my lap top but not my desktop. I don’t need a soundboard for the laptop.

It should be there if you have line-in (normally blue) on your soundcard (or motherboard), and if something is plugged into it.

The computer speakers, right?

If your computer is getting sound from the guitar, there should be a way of selecting & recording it. If it’s not “line in”, it must be named something else on your computer.

That’s the sound coming out of your soundcard. That’s possible but it’s a different than the normal setup of recording what’s coming into the microphone or line input.

Not privacy for a camera, privacy for your soundcard and line-in. :wink:

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