Cannot record my computer audio

Hello everyone, I am trying to record the audio played on my device. I am not super experienced with audacity but I have done this specific task many times. About a month ago it stopped working, or I receive an error message.

I have followed this guide:

My Setting Are:
Host: Windows WASAPI
Playback Device: Speakers
Recording Device: Speakers (Loopback)
Recording Channel: Stereo (I have tried mono too, no luck)

Result Of This Setup:

-No recording is made when “record” is clicked
-If I alter settings I get an error and am prompted to send report to audacity

I have uninstalled and reinstalled but that did not help, I just need a straightforward way to record the audio playing on my laptop. Thanks guys!

You can try Tools > Reset Configuration, then Transport > Rescan Audio Devices.

However, I suspect rebooting your machine will fix the issue.

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