Cannot record in zorin

New OS, Zorin 16.2, downloaded audacity, I can open it and it records… nothing. Just a straight line on the meter, no sound, no alleged mixer. Nothing this worked flawlessly on windows. Useless

Windows guy here. Thanks for your report. Have you tried installing the Linux AppImage from here: Linux | Audacity ® :question:

I’m also a Windows guy but please tell us what you’re trying to record from and then hopefully someone can help. (The microphone built-into your laptop? …A USB turntable? …Streaming audio? …etc.?)

P.S. & off-topic - I’m probably going to set-up a home Linux file server but I mostly use Windows applications and I don’t plan on running Audacity on Linux. I don’t every expect to ever go full-Linux or to become an Linux expert.

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