Cannot Record In Stereo

I cannot record in stereo using Audacity Version 2.2.0 using Windows 10 Professional. I know that this problem has been brought up, answered and solved in the past but none of the fixes I’ve tried work for me. I’m using a Behringer UCA202 A/D audio converter connected between a tape deck and my laptop’s USB port. I have used every combination of audio host and recording device available but the only ones that will record sound are MME/Stereo Mix and Windows Direct/Microphone (USB audio CODEC). In both cases Recording Channels is set to Stereo (2) Stereo Recording Channels. But what is actually recorded is both channels combined, not stereo. When I look at Properties/Advanced for Stereo Mix it shows 2 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD quality), as it should, but what is recorded is mono. BTW, the UCA202 has a headphone jack for monitoring and what I hear from that is stereo.

Can anyone offer a clue as to how I can record in stereo using Audacity?

Properties/Advanced for Stereo Mix

You should not be in Stereo Mix to record a simple tape machine. Stereo Mix’s job is to bundle all the sound sources on the machine into one “thing” or “fake” device. That’s the one you use to record YouTube video sound. Use the microphone one.

Actually, the headphone jack on the UCA-202 does two things. Left to its own devices, it will put the Audacity playback audio, or playthrough audio, into your headphones. If you switch to Monitor, It will also listen to an analog copy of your tape machine. So incoming and outgoing.

If you don’t have Monitor selected, then you are listening to a good stereo copy of the Audacity show.

But what is actually recorded is both channels combined, not stereo.

A note about that. You have two blue waves but they’re the same? You have one blue wave?