Cannot Record in Stereo

Once I upgraded to the newer version, I’ve lost the ability to record in stereo. It will only record in one channel. My settings are MME, and Line (Audiobox USB Audio) and then 2 (stereo) Record. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

I know sometimes Windows will step in and force mono if it thinks you plugged in a microphone instead of a stereo device.
I don’t know how to prevent that, however.


Did you set Audacity Preferences to Stereo?

On the right in the toolbar.


Thank you guys for the help–as I’ve checked the problem has changed somewhat. When I hit record–its NOT recording my computer audio, but rather it’s picking up ambient audio from my speaker with my microphone!

So it’s not recording in stereo because for some reason it’s bypassing internal audio.

Any ideas on that? Thank you guys so much in advance!

If Audacity is showing “Line (Audiobox USB Audio)” in the Recording Device box (to the right of the microphone icon) but you are recording from your computer’s microphone… something’s wrong with Windows or your drivers.

I have a microphone hooked up through audiobox which is a usb interface…so I’m thinking that in the past there was a third option in the dropdown that I am missing. The first is Microsoft SoundMapper then Audiobox and I want to say the third was Realteck (sp?) but I am not certain.

To revisit the original question. It’s recording one channel Mono, or recording Left-Only of a stereo show? If your USB device is dedicated, single-microphone device, it may well record in mono. There’s only one microphone.

My Shure X2U records in mono.



Koz and everyone–thank you so much.

I finally figured out what it was…just in case someone has this issue. The newer software of Windows 8.1 does not have Stereo Mix on recording tab under Sound properties. Most have it disabled–but the new software apparently does not have it at all–so I had to download it from Realtek.

I appreciate you guys!


Are you trying to record a song playing on the computer as well as the mic plugged into Audiobox?

If you want to record a microphone through Audiobox, which is a separate recording device from your motherboard audio, adding stereo mix (meant for recording computer playback) to your motherboard audio won’t help.

Motherboard audio should have drivers supplied by the computer manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer - installing generic Realtek drivers not matched to your motherboard runs a high risk of breaking your built-in sound device.

There is a Windows “Default Format” setting to set a recording input to stereo: Audacity Manual but it will not turn a mono input magically into stereo.