Cannot record in stereo [SOLVED]

Windows 10, Audacity 2.0.6

I have tried the recommendations listed, but either I don’t get the options or it doesn’t work. I get the same single channel in both channels

What are you recording, what devices do you have and how are they connected?


I record vinyls with a Newmark turntable to a acer labtop. The connection is a USB-cable from the turntable.

Have you read this FAQ about how to set USB devices in Windows to stereo: ?

If it does not record stereo when set to stereo in Audacity and Windows the most likely explanation is a hardware fault in the turntable such as a mis-wired cartridge.


I have followed the FAQ and, when listening to the record, I get stereo

Apparently, I had not saved the changes to Windows - now it works. Myfault, excuse me