Cannot record from Tape player

Recently, i have not been able to record anything from my tape player to Audacity. I have installed the most recent version of Audacity but still have had no success (when i press “record” i just get a normal line in the linewave panel). Is this the player’s fault or is there a glitch in audacity?

You need to do a lot better than that. We need the step by step of how you connected everything. “I plugged the Left and Right out of the Delano III tape player to an adapter cable and plugged it into the Mic-In of my WinXP SP3 Lenovo laptop…”



That one word which I’ve emboldened and underlined could be crucial. To me, this implies that you did have everything working and now it doesn’t. Is that the case?

If so, what have you changed? New hardware? New software? Started using a feature that you didn’t use before - e.g. Skype? Relocated everything onto a new worktop or into a new room? When something, that use to work perfectly, suddenly stops working, the first thing to suspect is the last thing that you did - then work back in time checking each of the other “new things” that you’ve done.