Cannot record from keyboard with MIDI interface -please help! Windows 7 64bit

Hi, I have been recording happily with Audacity on a CLP 411 Yamaha Clavinova for years, but after disconnecting the keyboard, Audacity no longer records. However I can still import audio files to hear and edit… so the connections seem ok. I’m using a Roland UM-ONE Midi interface. Thanks

Audacity is not a MIDI application. (It has some VERY LIMITED MIDI capabilities and it can’t capture MIDI messages from a keyboard.)

You’ll need to connect the analog outputs from the keyboard to line-in on a regular soundcard, or you’ll need a audio interface with line inputs. The Behringer UCA202 or UCA222 is popular and relatively inexpensive, or there are lots of higher-end audio interfaces with switchable mic/line inputs.

Thanks DVDdoug. But like I said, the Roland UM-ONE interface has been working fine.

Could be actually recording the sound of the keyboard via the computer’s in-built microphone, rather than via that interface.

Thanks. I’m not very techy! There is no webcam. I went to sound devices and there is no ‘microphone’. There are various M-Audio devices all of which are described as working fine. There seems to be a ‘Settings’ problem.

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