Cannot record computer playback

Hi The great gang of Audacity:
Set up Audacity 2.0.4 using Windows 8 Pro on a home desktop that is Gateway FX 4710 PC.
Q: - When listening to music sounds online, i tend to record these using Audacity previously with sheer success!
Now, i just cannot record these anymore. The Audacity program when “Record” is pressed, just gives me a flat line and no recording occurs.
The default under --Edit–>Preferences → Devices → is Windows DirectSound; Playback Device is : Primary Sound Driver; Recording Device is: Primary Sound capture, Channels are 2 Stereo.
The Windows 8 PC Device Manager is all fine with hardware.

I just cannot record any online projects using Audacity. What gives? Am i missing any links here? Any drivers?
Pls. advice O’ Audio gurus! Much thnx - simsan

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The “Primary Sound Capture Driver” is whatever input is current Windows default device. If you changed the Windows default device to microphone then that is what “Primary Sound Capture Driver” will record.

So choose either “stereo mix” or similar for Audacity recording device, or choose “Windows WASAPI” host then “Speakers” for playback device and “Speakers (loopback)” for recording device.

This is all explained in the Manual: .