Cannot Record Computer Audio

Hi folks,

I am using Windows 7, Audacity 2.0.3, I installed with the .exe

I had no issues with this on my old computer, however I built my new tower, and I am having difficulties. I have visited plenty of help sites for setting up computer sound recording with Audacity. I can’t seem to figure it out. I am trying to record songs from an online media player- as the artist I am tying to follow is not producing purchasable albums.

When I use the recording drop-down menu on the control panel of Audacity, it is blank. In my control panel, there are three devices that show up when both disabled and disconnected are visible, and they are all enabled. Microphone, microphone, and line in.

I googled ‘record computer audio’, and downloaded the freeware version of some random program. It recorded computer audio just fine, with no setup required. However, it records an add for its program every 60 seconds when you try to record with it, so obviously I cannot use it. So, it is possible to record my computer audio with my sound card/driver, but somehow Audacity can’t recognize that? Any help would be appreciated.

It’s not easy and some computers don’t work at all no matter what settings you use.

There are two desperation methods: Record an analog loopthrough cable at your sound card, and money-based software such as Total Recorder.

Recording your own sound is not a guaranteed service like lighting up your monitor and moving the mouse. Most if not all of the older Windows machines would do this, but their sound services were unsophisticated, terrifically complicated and easy to misadjust. The newer ones were more straightforward, but they peeled off some of the non-business related services. The newer Windows machines are business machines and anything not related to corporate advancement and conferencing may not be there.


Interesting… I guess in building the cheapest gaming PC I must have bought a low end sound card.

Does anyone know of any other audio freewares that have an easier time recording the computer audio? If a paid program can do it, there has to be a freeware that can.

Try SoundLeech from Milo Software:
It is currently free.