Cannot record audio from a DVD

I’m using Windows 7 home premium x64 SP1
Audacity 2.0.3 using the installer

I followed the instructions under the heading, “How to extract the audio from an MPEG video file with Audacity”.
Audacity could not recognise the files on the DVD.
When I used Windows to open the DVD, I discovered the files on my DVD to be VIDEO_TS files and files VTS_01_0 to VTS_01_3.
It appears that the VTS_01_0 to VTS_01_3 files hold the video/audio media.

Please advise.

Transport Stream with embedded audio. Yes. That’s how Movie DVDs work. It’s possible if the DVD is highly copy protected, you may not be able to open the streams and the first file may not be the first chapter in the show.

None of this is going to work without the FFMpeg software package installed. Do you have that?

The desperation method is to set your machine up for self-recording and just play the right section of the DVD on the DVD Player program and record it in Audacity.


  1. The FFMpeg software package was installed
  2. I’ll try your desparation instructions, you suggest, and see if it works.