Cannot record audio coming from computer

Hi there and ty in advance for any help you can offer.

I am trying to record computer playback to Audacity. I have looked at all forums, YouTube videos, everything, yet I still can’t seem to figure this out. Yes, Stereo Mix is enabled.

I have Windows 7 SP1 and using Audacity 2.1.0

No matter what i do, I get a flatline when recording. I have used Audacity in the past and pretty good with using it, so this must be something simple I’m not doing.

My Audacity set up looks like this : and
My soundcard setup : and

I have checked my soundcard driver, and it is up to date.
With the setup I showed above, I press record, and it’s just a flatline.
I honestly have been trying for two days now and cannot figure out what the issue is.
Anyone have any clue why or what I’m doing wrong?

Again, thank you so much in advance :slight_smile:

Please read the Audacity Manual:

You must play the song or content on the Realtek Speakers device and you must turn the speakers and audio player volume up. That is, you cannot (easily) silence the song or content and still record it.

If you cannot get stereo mix to record then please use the Windows WASAPI method as described in the link above.

Naturally we assume you have permission from the copyright holders to record the song or content.


Hi Gale and thank you so much for your quick reply :slight_smile:

I read through the entire manual step by step, took me a few hours because I literally double checked everything lol =/

Do you see anything wrong that’s obvious in the screenshots I posted?

And yes, I have permission :slight_smile: It’s actually just sound clips I’m making of my friends YouTube videos he wanted clipped is all :slight_smile:

Try turning “Overdub” off (not selected).
If you still can’t get “Stereo Mix” to work, try the “WASAPI loopback” method (

Hi Steve :slight_smile:

I tried turning off “Overdub” , still doesn’t work.
I did try the WASAPI loopback method yesterday when I was reading through the manual. I get this when I attempt to record that way:

Thing is, I’ve used Audacity before, on this computer, and it’s always worked fine. Haven’t used it in a while though.
The program is just not picking up any audio at all. This is me attempting to record sound just now.

Can you hear the YouTube video when you play it and try to record it using stereo mix? If not, that is what you must fix.

For the WASAPI method, reboot the computer and make sure project rate bottom left of Audacity is 44100 Hz .

Otherwise download the YouTube video using a browser extension. Use your favourite search engine to find out how. To get the video into Audacity, install FFmpeg as per then drag the video file into Audacity.


Hi Gale :slight_smile:

I can hear the music when playing, yes. It just seems like Audacity isn’t picking it up.

I have the sample right set correct for the WASAPI method, but I’m going to reboot my computer and see if that fixes it. Fingers crossed!