cannot record a copy of my song

thanks trebor for the info re the chorus presets…i will def try this.

however. if i may refer you back to my original post.
i have tried to duplicate the song as track2; and when playing back both tracks together they sound exactly the same.

i have seen a tutorial on you tube where the original is recorded as a copy and playback[both tracks] is a fuller chorus sound because the copy is not a true/exact copy of the original.

the effect can be further enhanced by duplicating the copy [ not original] then panning and finally ; with trim tool , moving track 1 forward a little and track 2 back a little.

so , my problem is…how do i record a copy of my song.


If you have a recording of your song, “Ctrl”+“D” makes a copy of it instantly. Do it twice and you’ve got 4 …
Duplicating twice (2x2=4).gif
BTW other free chorus plugin are available which work in Audacity in Windows …

You’re doing it the the slow & hard way by manually time-shifting multiple tracks by different amounts.

i have attempted to d/l both acon and black cat[both 32 bit]
acon only installs setup wizard…cannot proceed; when i try to ‘‘open’’ it goes back to setup wizard install.

black cat installs but when opened shows 3 options 1. manual 2. web page 3. uninstall
i have tried in google chrome and firefox and also 64 bit versions.

thanks for your description of my song record problem…v good
from what i have learned from you tube the duplicate copy does not work because it is an exact copy ; whereas the recorded copy is not true and therefore the result produces the effect of two vocalists singing the same song.

the duplicated version is exactly the same as the original …only one vocalist.

is it possible to make a recording in audacity?? maybe it is incapable of this.

i acknowledge your comment that this method of producing a chorus effect is the hard way to go about this.


After you’ve created 2 duplicate tracks, you can time-shift them, say +/- 10 milliseconds,
pan one full Left , pan the other full right , then you get a chorus-effect if you mix them with the original …

The chorus plugins can produce richer chorus-effect than doing it manually …

conspicuous-chorus.xml (507 Bytes)
Here’s Steve’s Chorus plugin which is specific for Audacity … Chorus Effect
It’s a Nyquist plugin , here’s how to install those …

i have been trying to install the chorus vst plugins recommended.
both are in my vst plugin folder.
i have moved the multi voice chorus to audacity add/remove but it will not remain enabled,it goes back to disabled after clicking ok.

i cannot move the bluecat chorus to audacity…it does not show in add/remove box.

They both work for me …
Multi-voice-chorus in Audacity 2-1-3.png
Blue cat chorus VST is Audacity 2-1-3.png
You could have this problem … Chordino does not remain 'Enabled' [SOLVED]

i tried your link to the possible solution but could not proceed.

i could not locate the pluginregistry.cfg. after following the instruction User<Username>\AppData\Roaming\Audacity\

if i could find this i will try:

  1. exit audacity

  2. delete effect plugins

  3. reinstall chosen plugins [add/remove location].


“AppData” is a hidden file in Windows.

At the risk of stating the obvious, you have to put your own username in that string without the <> brackets …
one way to see AppData folder.png

‘‘show hidden files and folders’’ is enabled.

i am still unable to find pluginregistry.cfg.

the ‘‘run’’ instruction is followed by a ‘‘location cannot be found’’ message.


If you can make your way to “AppData\Roaming\Audacity” “pluginregistry.cfg” is there, see …
''pluginregistry cfg'' in Windows Vista.png

i did a command prompt and it showed there is a plugintegistry.cfg file in c:disk ; i just cannot find it.

however, i have found out i can delete this via command prompt route.

so, just to be sure i am doing things correctly after deletion, can you confirm:

  1. i exit [not uninstall ] audacity

  2. delete file

3, open audacity and re install plugins of choice including new ones in add/remove plugin manager.


That sounds right to me.

I think the config file will survive uninstalling Audacity, that’s why you have to seek & destroy it.
BTW you can rename the old config file, rather than deleting it , as I have done …

That allows you to put it back the way it was.


i am not sure i understand your last piece of info.
do i :

  1. not go ahead and delete the cfg file via command prompt… and:

  2. rename the cfg file via command prompt

3, if so how do i do this??

will i then be able to locate and load the chorus plugins?


If you delete “pluginregistry.cfg” the data in it will be lost : no way back from that, unless you have a copy of it.
If you rename “pluginregistry.cfg” to say “pluginregistry-old.cfg” Audacity will generate a new “pluginregistry.cfg” when it is restarted.

If in the future you need to reinstate (or inspect*) the old cfg file you have a copy called “pluginregistry-old.cfg”
[ * it’s a list to remind you of all the of all the plugins you’ve installed ]

in ‘‘command prompt’’ i have tried to ‘rename’ and ‘ren’ the file but i get error message ‘‘command syntax is incorrect’’


I didn’t rename the config files via “command prompt”,
I just went to the (normally hidden) AppData folder, and renamed them there.


thanks for your help and patience but i am making no progress and will have to give up on my attempt to load your recommended chorus plugins [ i am unable to find my way clear to continue ]


It’s heresy to mention it here, but there are other free audio editors which are more user-friendly than Audacity,
e.g. OCENaudio which has built-in chorus effect & can accept VST plugins.
Unlike Audacity, OCENaudio doesn’t do multi-track editing : Just one stereo-track.

with regard to the info you passed on to me in your last post…it was good info;thanks.

i would like to add some things i have learned about loading effects plugins into audacity.

  1. i have d/loaded two effects …chorus and vocal harmoniser into my downloads folder[ they appeared as zip files].

  2. unzipped them with windows utility.

  3. opened them [ they showed dll at the end which i am told is good]

  4. r/c c: disk > program filesx86 > audacity > plugins.

  5. from the folder containing the effects files i grabbed them and inserted into ‘plugins’

  6. in audacity i opened add/remove manager and the effects were in the ‘new’ box waiting to be enabled.

the chorus is great but i am having no luck with the harmoniser.
it is called ‘pitchproof’ and i have tried varied and numerous settings but i cannot get it right… am wondering if this was designed for guitar not vocal[ it was recommended though]

Not all VST plugins will work in Audacity : only “VST2” (not VST3, nor VSTi),
and only 32-bit versions, (even if your OS is 64-bit).

pitchproof does work in Audacity 2.1.3. …
''PitchProof'' (32-bit, not 64-bit) on Audacity 2-1-3.gif
Install the “32-bit"version, not the “x64” bit” version.

There’s a (non-exhaustive) list of plugins known to work in Audacity here … Missing features - Audacity Support