Cannot play or record via Mac

Using Mac OS 13.5.2 with Superb Cassette Capture USB device, all connected OK, but will NOT play or record…I get an error message when selecting ‘start monitoring’ 9986 internal port audio error…please advise, thanks!

Did you get a receipt ?

I wouldn’t say these are superb or even super. But I will say they are notorious for not working well on MacOS. If you get it to work at all on Mac, you are one of the few.

You can try re-plugging the USB port, then Transport > Rescan Audio Devices and repeating the Audio Setup. Unfortunately there are no good USB Cassette devices available for Mac. Your best bet is to use this (or another device) as a player and send the output from the headphone jack to a different USB device such as the Behringer UCA202/222.

Or try it with a Windows machine - which will hopefully have fewer problems.

Thanks for the response. Yes this unit is pretty dinky, but what do you expect for $23! I did finally get it working after about an hour, and not entirely sure how I did it, but it helps if you quit the application before a new recording, also my cassettes are all pretty old and the tape is probably degrading so that doesn’t help, I can’t use a Windows machine ( against my Mac principles :slight_smile: but I will def look into your suggestion. Thanks!

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