Cannot paste audio into new project or have more than one project window open

I’ve encountered this annoying glitch where if I have two Audacity tabs open, and I’m working on two separate projects but trying to copy & paste audio from one project to the other, I often either encounter a glitch where I suddenly & unexpectedly am no longer able to press the play or pause or any of the other buttons in one project interface or I just cannot paste the audio from one tab to another, it doesn’t register. Why does this keep happening randomly when everything was working initially? This makes it immensely difficult for me to ever finish my projects because I cannot work on multiple things at once or anticipate when that annoying glitch will occur. I’m taking trimmed audio slices from one open project window and trying to paste the segments into my second open project window.

Yes. So when you are running multiple instances of most programs, there are actually multiple independent copies of the program.

On the other hand, the program designers of Audacity decided to only give the illusion that this is happening. In actuality it is not. Instead, when you start a separate Audacity program (even a different version), Audacity checks to see if it is already running. If so, it issues an IPC - Inter-Process Communication request to pass along the (secondary) startup request to the first program.

So, with exceptions, while Audacity is working on one project, it can’t do anything on the other - it locks itself out.

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