cannot overdub

Hello to all!

I am hoping you can help me with my problem. I have a Dell 8935 and I am running Windows 10. The audacity program I have loaded is 2.3.3

I cannot overdub anything over my initial track. The program will freeze and it will shut down.

Here is what I have done to this point.

I brought it to a computer tek and he

Ran complete diagnostics of the system, everything is fine.
updated all drivers pertaining to sound
privacy in settings: microphone is enabled.
I have ran it with the anti virus off

Is there a compatability issue with windows 10 and this version of audacity. I have no problems running my wifes computer in windows 7.

Can Anyone point the direction I need to take, or offer any suggestions.

ANy help is greatly appreciated and very welcome!!!

other problems with using this with windows 10.

There are times the program freezes.

All of this happened after I updated withe the newest 1909 update.

Any help…anyone?