Cannot overdub when trying to monitor via UMC202HD [SOLVED]]


Audacity 2.3.3., Win 10 (64bit), i5 2.70Ghz, 16 GB RAM. Behringer UMC202HD.

I cannot overdub when I try to monitor through the UMC202HD interface. I can overdub and hear through the computer speakers, or headphones connected to the computer. But, the software hangs up and will not record, if I try to monitor (via headphones) through the interface. I can play back through headphones connected to the interface.

Checked all settings, they are correct. Made sure the Win sound settings matched the ones in Audacity. Tried several combinations of output for overdub.

Looking through this site, I see a couple of posts that relate to this. Thus far, no explanations or solutions.

I believe this could be done before…perhaps a previous version or something. I used a lower Behringer interface before…and think I could do this.

Is this an issue that is particular to the Behringer interface? Do others experience this with other interfaces?

Is there a solution.


Well…after trying everything I could think of, including reinstalling the Behringer driver…I simply switched the USB port (both are 3.0) the UMC202HD went into and BINGO…worked fine. 100%. Got playback, overdub, everything. Weird. And weirder still…after I reinstalled the driver, I could not get audacity to even playback through the UMC202HD headphone jack. Or overdub. Got error messages for both. Oh well…not going to worry about it now…it is working. Whew

And further info

Playback and overdub also only worked when I went into the Win sound settings> device properties> advanced, and changed it to 48000Hz. Any higher would not work at all.

Did not matter what this was set to in Audacity, Win had to have at no more than 48000Hz. The UMC202HD is capable of going up to 192k.

And still had to go through the other USB (3.0) port, could not go back to the one I had it in before.

Interesting. Would like to understand why that is.