Cannot open recorded session

Hello, I am using the latest version of the program, I just spent 3 hours recording a sing for my wife for our 16th wedding Anniversary, I save the project simply has “Save As”.

Has expected the dialogue box appeared asking me where to save the file and I saved it “Documents” and named the file “My Name Recordings”

After closing out of the program I went into my documents and found the file, a created add a new folder to out my recording into as I planned on doing more and renamed the recoding I had done from “My Name Recordings” to the name of the song, I did not changed any file extensions , still "aup.

When I clicked on the Audicity to open my recoding I get the following dialogue box pop up error " Couldn’t find the project file folder" Truly,"

I click “OK” on that error and get the following error right after “Couldn’t find C://Users"MyComputersName”
Documents"MyName"RecordingsTruly,Madly.aup .

The files are there can someone please tell me if I can open and recover them, our Anniversary is on the 26th this week and I really want her to have this it was a song she choose to play for me in out wedding that i covered and it means a lot to her. If you know how to fix this or if if I have left any information out LMK and I will post it but I think I covered everything I could remember to do when reading the how to post section. I can be contacted here.

Application Version: 2.0.6
Windows Version: Windows 8.1 64 bit

You must not move, rename or delete the _data folder of the project.

Rename the _data folder you have (wherever it is) to “Truly,Madly_data”. Then put “Truly,Madly.aup” in the same folder as “Truly,Madly_data”.

If you need to rename projects again, do it with File > Save Project As… not using the Windows file system.