Cannot open AUP file.

We recently attended a con and were on some panels. We recorded each one and everything turned out fine except the one for our show. The AUP file won’t open and tells me to open it using file then “open”.

I’ve looked into this and found that the AUP file is blank when opening it in a text editor. The data files all seem to be fine though.

My question is, what now? Is there an easy (ish) way of opening these files in audacity? Obviously, there’s no way for us to re-record this and we don’t wanna lose it if at all possible.

We’re using version 2.1.3 on Windows 10.

Thanks for any help in advance.

Yes (he said with great hesitation).

If you have a one-pass mono shoot (one blue wave), then it might be possible to resurrect the show by using the time and date tags on the files.

If you have a stereo show (two blue waves), then the best we can do is resurrect the show with left and right flopping back and forth at random.

And to answer your obvious question, yes, it is possible to piece the show together manually from the 6-second chunks. When’s your retirement?


Oh, next time when you get to the end of a chapter, segment or speech, Export the work as perfect quality WAV (Microsoft) file. Those are pretty robust. That’s your backup if the Project fails.


I’ll give that a try, thanks. Worst case is that I’ll just have to put together the world’s worst jigsaw puzzle lol.

I appreciate the help.