Cannot open Audacity

I installed audacity a few months ago, and it was working fine. This week, when I tried to use the app, it kept saying I did not have the correct installer for m4a files although I had used m4a files In audacity projects before. Then, when I tried to install the driver, the app completely stopped working. I tried reinstalling it and I keep getting the same error message. I use audacity to edit my podcast and episodes air monthly, so I ask for some expedience when addressing this problem.

Please and thanks,

Also, I have tried attaching screenshots of the error messages, and it says the files are too big.

You need to be much more precise. What was the actual message (in full)?

What exactly did you install?

You mean it would not launch, or it would launch and then freeze, or it would launch and then immediately close, or…?

Reinstalling what?

what message (exactly and in full)?