Cannot open Audacity--error message "IPC server failed to initialize"

I have uninstalled and re-downloaded several times, but I still cannot manage to get the program to open.

I used Audacity to record an audiobook without any trouble in July and August of this year. Now that I am trying to go back and edit the audiobook into its constituent chapters for upload onto a platform, I cannot get the program to open.

Repeatedly, I have gotten this message: “The Audacity IPC server failed to initialize. This is likely due to a resource shortage and a reboot may be required.”

Can anyone help me? There is essentially NO information about this anywhere on the internet.

Thank you!

I found this:

I’d suggest that you remove all versions of Audacity from your computer and then reboot the computer.

After rebooting, check the amount of free space on your computer’s drive - if you are running short of space, clear some space on the drive.

Then download a fresh version of Audacity 3.1.2 from here:
and run the installation.
(Ensure that you run the installation and do not attempt to run Audacity directly from the DMG)