Cannot locate LAME and FFMPEG in Audacity 2.0.2[SOLVED]

Hi all

Wonder if anyone can advice, please. I have just completed a clean install of Mountain Lion 10.8.1 and downloaded and installed Audacity 2.0.2 together with the LAME and FFMPEG plug-in all in their default locations. I could launch Audacity tho the first time it prompted me that my configuration was wrong. I proceeded to the preference screen and under Libraries, it indicated that the LAME and FFMPEG libraries were not found. I followed the instructions to locate these libraries and even unhid the hidden ~/Library/ folder but to no avail. I installed LAME and FFMPEG libraries and still cannot find them.

Can anyone help, please?

Thanking you in advance.


What was the exact message?

Drag the LAME and FFmpeg you installed to Trash.

Follow the alternative instructions to download the zip for LAME and the zip for FFmpeg (not the dmg’s) then extract the contents of each zip where you like, and locate the required file in Libraries Preferences as before: .

If you want to make it really easy. quit Audacity, extract the contents of the zip files to the folder you launch from, then restart Audacity. Then you won’t have to locate Lame and FFmpeg in Libraries Preferences.


Hi Gale

Many thanks for your advice. Yes! It works!!!

Thanks again!