Cannot intall ACX-Check PlugIn for Catalina

I had to do a crazy work-around to install audible in order to use it in Catalina. Now I need to install the plug-in for ACX-Check, but cannot figure it out. Please help!

“audible”? Do you mean “Audacity”?
If so, which version of Audacity are you using?

Your answer made me look at the newer versions of Audacity to see if they fixed the Catalina problem. They did and now, I have updated, go the plug-in and am a happy lady! Thank you!

How did you do it, Sharon? The only ACX check plugin I can find is a bunch of code. I have Catalina 10.15 on an iMac. And I think I have the latest version of Audacity

The latest version of Audacity is 2.4.2.

– Bill

Yup, that’s the version of Audacity I have - 2.4.2

But I can’t find an ACX check plugin that isn’t just a TextEdit file of code. How do I install that? That can’t be right.

I have an iMac with an OS Catalina 10.15.4

I’m a Windows guy so I won’t attempt to help with the installation but Nyquist plug-ins are plain text files with a .NY extension.

As DVDdoug wrote, and surprising as it may appear, that is right - Nyquist plug-ins are just text files but with a “.ny” file extension rather than a “.txt” file extension.
Installation instructions for Nyquist plug-ins on Mac: