Cannot install plug-in [SOLVED]

Audacity 2.2.2; OS 10.13.6

In my applications folder there is a plug-ins folder and a nyquist folder. All of those plug-ins show up in Audacity. I downloaded and added a new plug-in called LevelSpeech.ny to that folder. After re-launching Audacity it does not show up in the app or in the Add/Remove Plug-Ins list. In the Library/Application Support/audacity folder there was no Plug-Ins folder. So I created one there and added the LevelSpeech.ny plug-in. Still does not show up in Audacity.

What am I doing wrong?

p.s. If there was no Plug-Ins folder in the system folder, how does Audacity see the plug-ins that are in the applications folder? Why does there need to be two folders in two different places?

Starting with Audacity 2.1.3, the plug-ins folder and the nyquist folder that are in the Applications folder are no longer used. Those folders are now bundled into the Audacity applications itself. So it is a coincidence that the plug-ins you see in the /Applications/plug-ins folder are the same as the ones in the Effect menu.

Also you want the ~/Library/Application Support/audacity folder; note the “~” at the beginning. This is your user Library folder, not the System Library folder.

The only thing that might be in the /Library/Application Support/audacity folder is a “libs” folder.

– Bill

The current version of Audacity for Mac is 2.3.0, which you can get here: Audacity ® | Download for Mac OS

You’ve probably got the wrong one. There are two “Library/Application Support/” folders on macOS (just another bit of Apple genius :confused: )
One is:
/Library/Application Support/
and the other is:
~/Library/Application Support/

The first is in the root directory, and the second is hidden in the user’s home directory. “~/” means the user’s home directory.
So, if your user account is “paul”, then “~/” means “/Users/paul/”
So the full path to the plug-in directory that you need would be:
/Users/paul/Library/Application Support/audacity/Plug-Ins/

There’s actually more than two directories where Nyquist plug-ins can be placed. The location in your home directory is the recommended location for custom plug-ins as it allows per-user customization, and plug-ins placed there should survive if you uninstall Audacity and install another version.

Thanks. It was the “hidden” part that was confusing me. I was trying to find it without using the Go dialog.