cannot instal a VST plug-in

I purchased a VST plug-in reverb program called “Adverb” from the company, Audio Damage. I cannot instal this on Audacity. I have installed free plug-ins in the past, and I think I know how to do it, but I cannot get this one installed in Audacity.

The company will not answer my emails, and there was no indication that Adverb would not work with Audacity when I bought it. This is a legitimate product and has many great reviews - which is why I bought it for my solo guitar recordings. They just won’t reply to my questions!
I have PC with Windows 7.

Thanks very much for any help.

–Wm. Brown
Forest, VA

I don’t know why it’s not working, but the underlying problem, is that most VSTs are not designed, tested, or debugged to work on Audacity or other “hobby” audio editors & hosts. (From what I’ve read, some things in the VST spec are somewhat vague.)

Normally, the VST vendor lists the supported hosts. I didn’t find that on the Audio Damage website, but I’ve never seen Audacity listed for any commercial VST.

You might try the plug-in with [u]REAPER[/u] ($60 USD for hobby or small business use). But, you can run into the same “unsupported” issue with REAPER since it’s not a big-name expensive-application. The free-trial is fully-functional, but REAPER is a DAW (not an audio editor) so the learning curve is huge.

Apparently there was a free trial, and the [u]Audio Damage Website[/u] says:

…If a host is VST1.0 (Logic 5 Windows or Cubase VST, for instance) or VST2.0 only (Cubase LE, for instance) it may not correctly host current VST2.4 plug-ins. This is not our fault, but rather Steinberg’s. > We will, of course, issue you a refund, > but we have no intention of ever making our products VST1.x compliant.

But, it also says they’ll answer every email within 24 hours… They are probably getting over-spammed, since they are using regular email with a published email address.