Cannot Import Playlist - not recognising the type of file

I have a .m3u playlist that I have converted to LOF using the instructions here.

When I try to import the file I get “Audacity did not recognise the type of file …”.

Here is the file (a short list for testing) in case there is a syntax error though I don’t think that is the problem.

file "F:\OneDrive\My Music\GooglePlay\01 - A Silent Night Christmas 1914.mp3"
file "F:\OneDrive\My Music\Spotify\20171217\Brenda Shine - Christmas Time Ireland_Various Artists.mp3"
file "F:\OneDrive\My Music\Spotify\20171217\In The Bleak Mid-Winter_Tommy Fleming.mp3"
file "F:\OneDrive\My Music\Spotify\20171217\Oíche Chiún (Silent Night)_Enya.mp3"
file "F:\OneDrive\My Music\Spotify\20171217\Santa & The Kids_Gene Stuart.mp3"
file "F:\OneDrive\My Music\Spotify\20171217\Santa Looks a Lot Like Daddy_Ray Lynham.mp3"
file "F:\OneDrive\My Music\Spotify\20171217\Snowflake_Lrry Cunningham.mp3"
file "F:\OneDrive\My Music\YouTube\Liam Harkin - Silent Night (Saxophone).mp3"

For LOF files, use “File menu > Open”.
The name of the LOF file must end with “.lof”

I tried that, Steve, but getting the same “Audacity did not recognise the type of file …” error as when I try Import; also tried dragging the LOF file from Explorer into the Audacity pane but taht doesn’t work either.

I’m wondering if maybe I need some sort of plugin to do this - I am using Version 2.1.2 with all default settings.

What is the full and complete error message?
What program did you use to make the LOF file?

’ Error Importing

Audacity did not recognize the type of the file ‘F:\OneDrive\My Music\Playlists\ TestAudacity.LOF’

If it is uncompressed, try importing it using “Import Raw”. ’

The playlist was originally created as an export from MediaMonkey; I opened and modified it in Noptepad++ .

Which version of Audacity are you using? (Help > About Audacity)
Check (in NotePad++) what the file encoding is of the LOF file.

Version 2.1.2

It was originally in UTF-8-BOM. I’ve tried with ANSI and UTF 8 encoding but get the same error.

What is drive F?

It’s the drive where I store my music.

Internal? External? USB? Flash drive? Network drive? …

It is a partition on an internal drive. I’m not quite sure where you are going with this or why the location should matter provided the path is right in the LOF file … I would have thought that if there were an issue with the path or location, that would show up as a file error rather than the file type not being recognised. The path seems fine, when I copy it and paste into Windows Explorer, the file opens and plays ok in Groove, my default mp3 player.

Well LOF files work fine for me, so I’m going through things that I can see are different on your system to my system. I’m running out of ideas.

Are you able to make any LOF file work? Try something really simple - just a plain text (ANSI) LOF file, saved to “Documents”, listing one, know to be good WAV file, also saved in “Documents”. If you can get something to work, then you can change one thing at a time until it breaks, and then you will know where the problem is.

OK, I appreciate your help. I will spend some time on this tomorrow, try creating a new file from scratch and take it from there.