Cannot import files even with FFmpeg library/deleted audacity.cfg file


I am trying to import files into Audacity but constantly receive the message, “This version of Audacity was not compiled with QuickTime files support.”
As I have seen is advised, I have both deleted the “audacity.cfg” file and downloaded the FFmpeg library. I still receive the message and am not sure why I remain unable to import files.

I have tried to then follow this advice from the forum, “With default Audacity settings and if you have FFmpeg installed, FFmpeg will attempt the M4A file before QuickTime does. If the file does not import correctly, post the log from Help > Show Log… top right of Audacity which will tell us what importer took the file. If it is necessary to force QuickTime to take your M4A files, you can do this in Extended Import Preferences,” but looking at the log and Extended Import Preferences, I do not understand what to do, it is my first time using the program.

Would really appreciate any help!

I think that advice is now out of date. Apple appear to have discontinued the QuickTime library, and now only provide a half-crippled QuickTime player.

The first thing to check is to see if you have FFmpeg for Audacity, installed correctly.
Close and restart Audacity, then open “Help menu > Diagnostics > Show log” (
Click the “Save” button and save the log file somewhere convenient, then attach the log file to your reply (see:

Audacity log.txt (2.14 KB)
Audacity log.txt (2.14 KB)
Hi, thanks for your help.

I have attached the log now…

From the last line of Audacity log.txt:

14:58:07: Error: Failed to find compatible FFmpeg libraries.

This shows that FFmpeg for Audacity is not currently installed.
To install FFmpeg for Audacity, you will need to carefully follow the instructions here, to the letter: