Cannot hear what I am recording

I am very happy with the audacity program. I have recorded projects before and it’s been a while since I have used the program.

I am trying to use it again and trying to record but cannot hear what I am recording. I have read the troubleshooting and checked the settings for audio/record device.

Everything seems fine. I notice that now when I try to record as well, the graph does not show sound recordings, it just moves in a vertical line direction. I am not sure though about the setting in the Windows WASAPI.

I have reinstalled the program and reset settings, checked for updates. Updated my smartaudio drivers for Windows too. I am using a plantronics headset as before with all my recordings. Now it seems the microphone is not being recognized.

Please help someone!
aud prt 12.9.16.png

I started a new topic for you. It’s not a good idea to post your own question at the end of someone else’s topic about a different question.

Do you mainly use Linux or Windows? Your profile says Linux.

Don’t choose Windows WASAPI host unless you have a reason to do so. Change to MME host then in the next box with mic icon, choose the Plantronics headset as your recording device. If it connects by USB cable, the device will have “USB” somewhere in its name. If it has pink and green 1/4 inch connectors, choose the external microphone recording device.

Then to hear while recording, make sure Transport > Software Playthrough is enabled


Okay thanks Gale for the reply. I am new to the forum. I have used this headset before. Thats the strange thing. I do see my headset appear as USB DEVICE. i am using Windows. The cable for headset appears black and the mike cable is green. Transport software is enabled. Still no sound.

It is probably not a USB headset if it has green and black connectors, unless it is a specialised gaming headset. What is the exact model number of the headset? Have you looked at its instruction manual?

A mic connector should not be coloured green. That would be the connector to go into audio out of your computer.