Cannot hear turntable while recording [SOLVED]

Have use Audacity for a few years on my old desktop computer with Windows XP. The software came with a USB turntable to convert music to mp3. This software worked great from the start. Recently purchased a new Toshiba Laptop Model C55-A5282 that has Windows 8.1 installed. I downloaded Audacity 2.0.5 yesterday and installed it. The problem is I cannot get sound when I am transferring the song from the turn table to the laptop. Once the song it transferred I can select the play button on Audacity and I am able to hear the sound. I download and installed the latest sound driver from Toshiba and still have the same problem. I used two different USB ports with same results. I connected the turntable to my old desktop and it worked fine. Can anyone advise me of what might be the problem.

Windows has a habit of changing the output audio device when you connect a USB audio device.
Look in the Windows Sound Control Panel to set the default playback device to whatever you are actually using for playback.

The default playback device shows to be Realtek High Definition Audio. That is the only option.

Open the Audacity Device Toolbar . Make sure the second (output) box is set to your Realtek speakers.

Make sure Transport > Software Playthrough (on/off) has a tick mark (checkmark) by it. If it does not, click it to turn it on. You should now be able to hear the turntable while you are recording.

If you want to hear the turntable without recording it, then as well as enabling software playthrough, click in the right-hand (recording) meter to turn on monitoring:


Had to change the second box in the device toolbar and check the Transport software playthrough and that fixed the problem. Thank You Very Much!