Cannot hear sound when recording

On my mixer bar, I cannot select anything. I want to select “Line In”.

That is not a “Forum Issue” - please look to the board that is relevant to your version of Audacity and your operating system.

I’m sorry but this is the first time I have used this forum. I would like to speak to a customer service rep but do not have a telephone number or email address. I am using Windows XP and have the Ion iTTUSB. I ran the CD to install the program and now I cannot record any records because the software does not give me an option on the “Mixer Bar” to select “Line In”. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

No problem Ron. There are no “customer service reps” here - Audacity is free software, built, maintained and developed as a community project, and there are folks here willing to assist. However, you need to post on the right part of the forum so that the right people find your question.

Have a look on the main page and look for the board that is relevant to the version of Audacity that you are using, the operating system (Linux, Mac or Windows) and of course the right language (which I presume is English).

Also, at the top of each section you will see “Click here before posting” - have a look at that as many of the most common questions relating to that section can be found there.


you should try the ION helpline - the no. is printed in the ION manual - I always found them extremely helpful.

BTW: please don’t double post. It wastes peoples’ time and annoys them - and it doesn’t get your issue addressed sooner, I have already posted a reply to your other post on exactly this topic in the 1.2/Windows forum.


I think it’s probably Ron’s first time on a forum, so he’s having to find out how to use them as he goes along.
The other post that you replied to was probably Ron’s “re-post” after I explained that he was in the wrong part of the forum.

Aaahhh… “munch-munch” (sound of WC eating his words)

Yes indeed, jan.kolar has pointed out in recent posts that the forum usage is not entirely obvious to newbies … I think Gale Andrews is planning to make some small mods to improve matters for newcomers …


I want to thank everyone for your help. My problem is solved. I just needed to make some changes to my computer. I was able to get the ION user manual for my iTTUSB turntable and it provided me instructions on configuaring my PC.